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Design and Security Review

Architecture Design

Very often you could be having applications designed and built not in accordance with best practices.

We can do before and after build reviews:

  1. We can be there for design review to ensure your third-party vendor or even your team do not miss on the important points that cost you poor performance, maintainability or simply money.
  2. Once project phase has been completed (sometimes a long time ago) we can do a post-mortem review to help you find things for fixing via continuous improvement.


Cloud Usage

A few months down the line after go-live and support your cloud usage could be growing excessively.

Growth is good, but it does not necessarily have to be taking up as much space as it usually does.

The roots of excessive cloud usage could be either with no time for optimization or missing expertise or both :)

We provide a helping hand in getting to optimal cloud usage.


Security and Compliance (CARM)

Focal points that are often left out are application security and compliance controls. These usually come into play with Anaplan maturity in an organization.

Our specialists have over 100 models implemented and operated in alignment with CARM controls. We designed these specifically for the Anaplan platform and applications.

External audits for controls gave us a pass with flying colors.

And we offer you our services to set up the processes ensuring you would be passing compliance audits with best results.


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